Jan and Ian

Unpacking the bikes

We arrived safely in Munich 24 hours after flying out. All had gone well on the flight with the entire Italian UCI team taking up most of our section of the plane. Gold medalist Bronzini received a round of applause from the passengers when the Captain announced her success and presence of the plane. Ian was sitting beside a coach who said that he had enjoyed Geelong- it was very different from what he was used to in Europe. We had no trio le getting our bikes and decided to take advantage of the maxi taxi right outside the exit door we were standing at with our bike boxes quickly loaded on. We reached the hotel and parked the boxes on the garage. This morning we set about assembling our steeds- only to fond that Jan’s bike had couple of worn down chain ring teeth, courtesy of a hole on the box and our sliding them along the airport floor- sorry Munich airport for the scratches!
The damage was minor and in next to no time we had the 2 bikes looking as good as new!
It was time to set off on our first ride in Germany…

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  1. Nancy David Jones

    What fun on the plane with all those cyclists. Pleased all going well so far and bikes arrived okay . only minor damage! happy cycling.We had thunder storms yesterday. Black outs including Mt Duneed, but Stella found the lantern in the laundry. She rang Lynne to check they were without power as well. so all well, power back on now.Another big weekend in the Jones’ household. Meredith’s 30th birthday and we fill the house to capacity, all beds in use and lots of meals to cook!

  2. Jessica

    Hey, Mr D! I think it is fantastic that you have a blog so we can all keep track of your travels. I’m really glad that we’re all able to see Europe!Nick C has a new skipping record too. He went straight from 16 to 25! He hasn’t given up. Say hi to Mrs Hoggart for me.Thanks,Jess.

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