Jan and Ian

Salzburg Day 2

Some photos and movies from our second day in Salzburg. We have been on the “Sound of Music”. Trail today. If you know the film you might recognize some of the locations in the photos. It was a beautiful day in Salzburg, clear blue sky, warm sun and no wind- perfect for a ride exploring a very beautiful city. Salzburg is a lovely blend of amazing buildings, gardens and squares and just enough modern amenities which haven’t squeezed out the past… Not easy to achieve but here they have done a great job. Like in Munich, Salzburg has more cyclists than motorists in the city. Footpaths have cycle lanes and it is really safe to cycle. The motorists give way to you and even though no one weeds a helmet(except touring Aussies) you feel really secure. And, despite the diet high in bread, meat and cream noone seems to be over weight, on fact everyone seems to be in great shape (and the women are gorgeous- Ian)It is very easy to fall in love with Salzburg and we could easily stay on- but tomorrow we must away… “the hills are alive…




  1. Maria Neyenhuis

    Wow Jan & Ian sounds like you are fast becoming seasoned travellers in Europe. Glad you were able to get your bikes right and cycling in Salzburg. Enjoy!!! Anyway Jan what were you checking out over the hedge?

  2. Joy Barnett

    Yes that outdoor building looks very much like the one in The Sound of Music – weather looks great for riding your bikes too..Enjoy you twoLove Joy

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