Jan and Ian

Musical cows

As in a lot of Europe the farms around The Austrian lakes rarely have permanent fences. Instead temporary yards are set up, sometimes with a few posts and wire and often these days with an electric fence. Many animals roam free and cows often wear these bells to help with identification- each cow ringing a different tone. The effect is rather gorgeous and when you are cycling silently along you can hear the bells from hundreds of meters away.



  1. megalegs

    wouldn’t that got annoying and the people how live at the house would just here that all day. i would get so annoyed i would just get the cows and get the bell off.

  2. Maree

    I loved the cow bells at the UCI events. People ringing them really added to the atmosphere. I did think I would buy some, but didn’t! I saw Lynette at Queens Park on the Sunday .. hardly recognised her – green & gold wig, flag draped over shoulders, cow bells dangling from waist! What a supporter – YEH!!! Go Aussies!!! My brush with fame was on the Friday night after the under 23 road race. I got Michael Matthews’ autograph. I was drinking at The Edge with him – Well, I was drinking and he was drinking … and we happened to speak at some stage! He is such a young boy, but a world champion! Enjoy your adventures Jan & Ian. Maree

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