Jan and Ian

Aschach to Linz

Because we cycled further than we had anticipated we would yesterday we only had about 30 km to travel into Linz, our next planned stop. After a friendly Farewell from our overnight home we set off. The morning had dawned cold and grey but the riding was pleasant and the scenery interesting. After crossing the Danube ( by the way, the Danube is HUGE! About 4 times the width of the Barwon at it’s widest through Geelong) we immediately found the cycle specialising Tourist Info office. We turned away from the Danube path into corn fields and small villages before eventually rejoining the Danube alongside the highway into Linz, Austria’s largest and oldest industrial city, recently reinventing itself as a key European cultural centre. First impressions weren’t overly positive, mainly because I was feeling absolutely terrible by now after beginning to feel unbelievably cold on the cycle in, despite the reasonably mild weather the day had turned into. Jan kept us going but when we failed dismally to find a hotel anywhere (not just an available room- any hotels at all!) we were both feeling thoroughly exhausted. Eventually we spied a hotel not far from the city’s famous church (Dom) and the nice receptionist even took pity on us and reduced the price. Things started to look up. There was an Italian produce exhibition on the main drag and the stalls were amazing (sorry Hayley, more torture). The salami, cheese and bread were all being given away as samples and soon I was feeling a bit better. Check put the huge loaf of bread in the photo album- it was the size of a small surfboard! The Dom has the largest interior in Austria (and I suspect the darkest) and was quite awe inspiring. Apparently it can hold 20000. Jan found a Greek restaurant in a wonderful laneway and we feasted on some more wonderful food, comfort food for me, as I was feeling a lot better and with the promise of a trip to the Czech Republic tomorrow, things were back on track 100%. (Oh, the photo of me looking rather brightly hued was actually a video art work set up in a window near our hotel- but I did feel a bit off colour!)




  1. Anne

    Wow it all looks fantastic…of course. Haven’t seen much of you Ian, are you really there??? Keep pedalling, all that food looks delish no worries about keeping the enery up hey? Love those little cobble streets xxx

  2. nancy david jones

    All that wonderful food and the cakes look delicious. just keep riding! I note that I never lose weight cycling in Europe!

  3. Hayley

    ARRGGGHHH! That bread looks amazing, and the cheese and salami, yummo. Also spied something that looked like chocolate eclairs … my mouth is watering! Looks like you are having a lovely time, keep pedalling xo

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