Jan and Ian

Update – Cesky Krumlov to Linz to Grein to Melk to Tulln to Vienna


We haven’t had Internet for a few days so there is a bit of catching up to do… So here goes!
Jan had a bit of a cold in C. K. Luckily she found a successful remedy in a bar called Apotheke where the bartender concocted an Apple Punch ( more rum and spirits than apples) which was so successful at clearing congestion that we had to go back the next night and have 2 more! (I didn’t have a cold but the bar tender found me a single grain Irish Whiskey that cleared my sinuses anyway!)
We returned by bus to Linz, where the bikes were still under a tree in the hotel carpark and began our 240 km stretch to Vienna.We detoured slightly to the site of the Nazi concentration camp at Mauthousen where over 120000 prisoners died during the second world war. The prisoners were a mix of prisoners of war and Jewish folk persecuted by the SS. It is a horrible place of horrible atrocities. As Jan said, “I feel I had to see one concentration camp, I never want to see another.” Nor me. In an almost surreal juxtaposition of realities the gnomes were in a garden less than 200 meters away…Our stop in Grein saw us treated to a complete bicycle repair and maintenance garage at the hotel. The owner obviously knows how to please his bike riding customers. Next some shots showing Melk Abbey, a stunning and extraordinary city above a city. Fully restored and shown off spectacularly with some amazing technology it was an absolute highlight. Next, me! Fully kitted out for the day’s ride from Melk to Tulln- just to prove that I am here too!Every day the autumn colour gets more vibrant and every day we deal with more leaves on the track. Very beautiful- until they get wet, when every corner becomes a potential spill and my brakes clog. (oh, and that was one of our few really steep hills- and like ice to ride on)The ride to Tulln yesterday was 88 km through some beautiful wine country. Terraces a thousand years old line the valley and other highlights included a castle where Richard the Lion-Heart (of Robin Hood fame) was held captive, a useful appliance for the Austrian handyman’s garage and the ever present pumpkins, left at doorways to celebrate the autumn harvest and the coming of Halloween. And, finally, today’s ride into Vienna, starting in Tulln and traveling through Korneuberg (which like Hamelin and a couple of other towns stakes a claim to the story of the Pied Piper and has a statue to prove it!)Finally, after a brief hailstorm (no casualties!) and 7 degree temperatures we sped into Vienna with a brisk breeze behind us and over 600 km on the clock since Salzburg. And next, a couple of days rest in Austria’s capital.



  1. Heidi

    there you are Ian!! glad to know you are on the ride :)the photos are just beautiful, and I’m glad to hear you are both still having a great time… miss you! Hxx

  2. david & nancy

    Good to hear that you are travelling well and coping with the brisk weather.My ride to B H on wednesday went well with 22 riders, perfect 22 degree weather.Pleased to hear from janD & N

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