Jan and Ian

Another 24 hours in Vienna…

We left our bikes at the hotel for a second day in a row, caught our first public transport of the trip and headed to Shonbrunn Palace. The palace is Austria’s version of Versailles and is equally grand, with immense gardens, a zoo, its own Hall of Mirrors and Orangery. The Emperess Sisi was the most famous occupant. Her story mirrors Princess Diana’s in a lot of ways: fairy tale wedding at a young age, uncomfortable in her royal role, tragic death… Another fascinating stop. We also managed to get hold of some bike boxes today after discovering we wouldn’t be able to get them here at the airport when we return in 2 weeks. The hotel found a bike shop open today (long weekend holiday and hard to find anything open out of the tourist areas). We had a long walk carrying a rather cumbersome empty parcel, to the puzzled looks of the many onlookers) but the hotel now has them stored for us, ready to go!And to answer all of the questions… Yes I did eat all of the schnitzel, and it was DELICIOUS!



One comment

  1. Muriel

    Bill & I visited Shonbrunn Palace and heard about the comparison of the Lives of Emperess Sisi and Princess Diana. It’s a very glamorous palace.

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