Jan and Ian



It was bound to happen… There we were happily pedaling along the Danube path, wind at our backs, making rapid progress towards Mosonmagyarovar (try saying that 5 times fast!) when we slowly became aware that we hadn’t actually crossed the Hungarian border like we were supposed to several kilometres ago… Whoops, we had made a wrong turn… 14 kilometres ago…
A quick read of the map suggested that we might be able to go across country a km or two and get back on the right road but the friendly man coming out of the tiny village coffee shop said sorry, “no. In Hungary… No border crossing road in middle of swamp… must go this way… ” as he pointed to his GPS showing us the 14 km road we had come in by. Hmmmmmph!
He did lead us to a nice restaurant where we could get tea and “not Turkish” coffee, even though we had to ride at about 25 km/h over the broken road to keep up.
So back we went, all 14km to where we should have turned off ( into the wind of course ).
The rest of the ride went well, crossing into Hungary, no more wrong turns, finding a great room for the night… cheap… and finding Mosonmagyarovar to be easier to enjoy than to pronounce!


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