Jan and Ian


Some observations on Central European T.V.

#1 There will always be at least 2 ……..’s Got Talent on at any given time

#2 Most of the contestants have questionable talent

#3 Most of the rest if the channels will be showing a soap opera, soccer or an American series dubbed into the local language by actors with voices that are completely wrong for the character

#4 T.V. News sets look pretty much the same everywhere

#5 McLeod’s Daughters is still on here (see also #3)

#6 If your hotel has an English language channel it will be CNN and it will repeat the same stories for a minimum of 4 days

#7 If your hotel has cable/satellite channels there will be at least 57 channels, all showing ……….’s Got Talent, soap operas, badly dubbed American shows or soccer.


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