Jan and Ian

You Can’t Judge A Book…


Our guide book for this tour is called, “Cycling Guide- Danube Bike Trail” and although it is by and large a fine publication it would probably be better titled, “Cycling Guide- Most Of The Danube Bike Trail”. Sadly it fails rather dismally at times, notably when describing the way out of large cities, such as for example, Gyor. We think a stern letter to the editors may be on its way soon suggesting that they completely rewrite and remap the eastern exit route because, basically, what they have published at the moment is useless!
After somehow escaping the clutches of Gyor we found ourselves riding through a poor farming district down a narrow and rather poorly maintained farm track. The highlight of the slightly treacherous progress was definitely the stretch of muddy puddles frozen solid on the surface and the sound of ice cracking as our wheels rolled over the shards left by passing tractors.
We finally left the slow travel behind and made better progress through more open countryside, dotted with farming towns and about 60 power generating wind turbines.
After 58 km we finally reached our destination for the day, Kormoran which proved to be a total disappointment; a rather grey, grimy ship building town seemingly without greenery or character.
We crossed the Danube to the Slovakian half of the twin town and found things a little better and checked into a pension off the pedestrian street. After exploring for a few minutes Kormoran revealed a hidden square full of wonderful spires and colours and an eclectic mix of architectures. Jan started chatting to a student from the local university who began to show us the hidden delights of his home, explaining its history and recent efforts to re-image itself for a new era.
As he spoke the drab industrial city was transformed in our estimation, not unlike the transformed ugly duckling.
Once again, you can’t judge a book…


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  1. Nancy David Jones

    Pleased the weather has improved and that your adventures are going well. In 2003 we stayed in Visegrade, a pleasant village with a castle on the hill. Stayed at the Hotel Honti.All well in Geelong.D & N

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