Jan and Ian

60 hours in Budapest


Right, here we go: the challenge is… See Budapest in two and a half days…
We had planned a three day stopover before heading off to Prague but only one train per day between Budapest and there takes bicycles and that leaves at…
5:28 AM!
With our time cut shorter than expected we set out to experience as much as possible in just 60 hours- so here we go…

First, let me say Budapest is quite wonderfully beautiful. The architecture is quite spectacular, particularly when a full restoration has been completed, and with hundreds of buildings awaiting their chance for a nip and tuck from the renovators, I think that a career in the building restoration industry would be a good move for any young Hungarians wanting a secure career choice for the next 30 years or so!
Second, there is much more to explore that we were able to see. Luckily we had many of the outlying areas covered thanks to our ride in to the city, which also included many of the day trips suggested for really exploring Budapest.
Ultimately, we did a reasonable job: we saw the main sights, found some great restaurants and even squeezed in a trip to the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra at the spectacular Opera House.
Warning: you might like to get a cup of tea, it’s a long slideshow.
Right, here we go… (oh, I already said that…)



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