Jan and Ian

Tasmania: By Boat


Well, by ship, actually…
We are off for a week in Tassie- although it isn’t the week we had originally planned. Our bicycle trek around the north of the state had to be shelved in favor of a driving tour instead. Neither of us fancied 7 days of riding in downpour after downpour so we hastily booked our car aboard the “Spirit of Tasmania” and set out to explore as much as we can in 7 days.
After satisfying myself that there were adequate life boats aboard and no icebergs present in Bass Strait (channel 7 shouldn’t have screened “Titanic” last week) we settled in for the 9 hour day of drifting southwards. Things went well enough until the straight turned into a washing machine about half way and, despite Jan dismissing things as just a bit bouncy, I decided that it would be a good idea if I just closed my eyes and rested quietly for an hour or four!
At last things settled down and we sailed into Devonport, where the biggest building in town is, in fact, the “Spirit of Tasmania”, which is visible from pretty much everywhere in town!


One comment

  1. Denis Jenkins

    A bit disappointed that you are deterred by the possibility of a few spots of rain…. but since you have your car, consider the loop along the Fingal Valley to St Marys and St Helens, and back to Launceston via Scottsdale.

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