Jan and Ian

Tasmania: By Car


We enjoyed our night on Devonport even though most of it was closed. This morning things were a bit buzzier and you could tell that it has the potential to be a rather pretty town. There are a lot of great Art Deco era buildings and if they could somehow pick everything up and rearrange it a bit you could end up with a character filled destination with a lot of charm!
We had planned to cycle 50 km to Deloraine, on the edge of the Western Tiers but with our bikes 300 km away we decided to take a bit of a detour 150 km west to Stanley. The scenery was great- a very enjoyable drive through cute seaside towns like Ulverstone with a very distinctive War Memorial, pretty Penguin and Bernie, which is reinventing itself from run down paper manufacturing town to artisan crafts and artwork mecca. They are doing well too-take note Geelong!
We saw the famous “Nut” at Stanley a long time before we arrived there. Sitting 150 metres out of the water, sort of like a wind swept marine version of Uluru, it is quite a sight- and climb! The view was spectacular, down it’s steep cliffs, over the little town huddled in it’s protective care. The wind in your face looking into the teeth of the gale across Bass Strait was the strongest I’ve ever felt (and that’s from someone who has lived his whole life atop Mt. Duneed!)
We set off eastwards again and after a couple of hours drive we reached our destination, Deloraine, only 50 km from Devonport but over 300 km travelled to get here!


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