Jan and Ian

Tasmania: By Western Tiers and Great Lake


With a day of heavy rain ahead we dropped by the Deloraine Tourist Office for advice on driving Into the Western Tiers. Fine, came the reply, just so long as you aren’t intending to cycle, walk, picnic, stand on a wind swept bluff, sabotage a hydro plant or drive there in a hire car…
Well, none applied to us (luckily, it seemed, as there were obviously serious consequences if we did!) so we checked whether a drive around Great Lake was OK.
No worries.
And what is there at Great Lake?
… it’s Great Lake, came the reply.
Oh. Is there much to see?
… it’s Great Lake.

Feeling like we were missing something, we left, maps in hand, pondering the mysteries of Great Lake.

Rain began falling heavily about one minute later but knowing they were doing it really tough up north made the downpour seem completely inconsequential. We tasted about 50 types of honey at Chumleigh’s World of Honey before heading into the Tiers and along the steep, forest lined road ascending to about 1200 metres. Wonderful countryside; wildflowers everywhere, virtually no sign of other travelers or inhabitants and cloud shrouded peaks all around. Beautiful.
As we began to descend, at 1000 metres, Great Lake came into view.
It is a great lake! Australia’s second largest fresh water lake, half natural and half a result of hydro electric dam and, apparently, just about the coldest spot in Australia. The fire was burning at the local guest house, in the middle of summer!
We took in the greatness for a while and then headed off towards Launceston, arriving after 270 or so kilometres of rain and natural wonder. A great (lake) day!



  1. Lyne Jenkins

    Thursday 3pm. Denis just emptied the rain gauge again. Progressive total-almost 100 mls.We look misty and romantic also-maybe we are a little piece of Tassie ! cheers Lyne xx

  2. Lyne Jenkins

    Thursday 3pm. Denis has just emptied the rain gauge . Progressive total-100mls approx. We too look misty and romantic-perhaps we are a breakaway of Tassie? cheers Lyne xx

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