Jan and Ian

Tasmania: By Town of…


Our last day of exploring Tassie as we meandered our way back towards Devonport. More pretty little towns, most of which seem to have an associated tag, eg. Railton- Town of Topiary, Sheffield- Town of Murals and Wilmot- Valley of Views.
Setting off from Launceston (City of Expensive Eateries) we dodged various flood closed roads and bridges through the rolling hills, westward. We stopped at Westbury, “more English than England” only to find it not very English at all, in fact a little bit “Town of brogans!”
We came in sight of the Western Tiers once again and after a brief lunch stop at Deloraine we started to really enjoy the “Towns of…”
Railton’s topiaries are really cute, lots of whimsical designs and the whole community involved. There had been flooding the day before and shops were cleaning up and drying carpets on the footpath.
Sheffield’s murals were also very impressive with whole walls covered in depictions of local history and identities. They had had the good sense to mostly use the ugly walls on the plainest buildings – well done!
We thought we might get dinner at Latrobe but found it to be “Town of closed cafes” so we rolled into Devonport- City of Ferries, checked in to our room and headed to Molly Malone’s, the local Irish Pub. It was pleasantly buzzy, cheap (for Tassie) and tasty.
Walking back to the car we happened upon Tapas Bar, a great upstairs place we hadn’t realized was even here- it was great, with a singer and good menu. We wished we had found it earlier! We had dessert and a coffee before heading off to sleep ready for our trip back home tomorrow.


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