Jan and Ian

(Not so) shabby chic!


Today was our first walking adventure in Paris for 10 years. Almost exactly a decade ago we had spent 4 days here pounding the pavements, exploring, getting lost a lot and discovering the wonders of this amazing city. But not around here… the closest we came to the Le Marais and Bastille districts was when we spied the Bastille monument from a block away and decided (due to the weariness of about 15 km of walking up to that point of the day) that it all looked a bit drab and uninteresting and maybe a detour to a cafe we had passed 500 metres back would be a better option. Wrong!
The districts surrounding our little apartment are fantastic… Really fantastic. Every street has a buzz and vibrancy that engages you Immediately and although in the past they were considered rather unfashionable and run down, these days they are super cool, multi-cultural (though still distinctly French) and desirable. REAL Parisians live here and the revitalised shops, cafes and apartments are awash with trendy urban types, young families, retirees, students, immigrants and, relatively, few tourists… Jan & myself seem to be about it most of the time!
So, here are some photographic highlights of our 12 km walk through these wonderful streets- a new delight around every corner and a surprise at every doorway.


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