Jan and Ian

Island Hopping


Our plan today was to explore the two Seine River islands, right in the middle of Paris. We set off purposefully and promptly became sidetracked when we passed a street market a couple of blocks from our apartment. Naturally, we couldn’t resist and soon had our shopping bag full of treats for tonight’s dinner With salmon, white asparagus, champignons and tomatoes on board we about-turned and deposited our goodies back home and set out for the second attempt.
We wandered to the Seine and crossed onto Isle St. Louis, paused to enjoy a Berthillon ice cream (although we inadvertently picked up each others andindependently were thinking, “this rhubarb/peach doesn’t quite taste right”. We wandered the small streets full of wondrous shops and eateries, grabbed a baguette sandwich each and dined overlooking the Seine, it’s barges and nearby Notre Dame.
Refreshed, we crossed on to Isle de Cite and marveled at massive Notre Dame. Inside it was as massive, dark and imposing as we remembered it but a bit of polish and sparkle had been applied since we visited 10 years ago. The surrounding districts were full of armed police and security which we assumed was in response to bin Laden’s demise. A bit off putting for Aussies not used to machine guns in the street!
we wandered off the islands and crossed through the diplomatic and administrative parts of town until we reached the Rodin Gallery; his lovely garden and house full of sculptures. More security around here- perhaps they think Al Queda will target The Kiss or The Thinker!
We Metro’d to Champs ??lys??es and wandered along the Tuillerie gardens and Place de la Concord (where we managed to not have an “unconcordial” argument like we did 10 years ago!) we chatted for half an hour with a delightful girl who had surprised us by looking very French and sounding very Manchesterian.
We continued our walk past the Louvre and back on to the Metro for the trip back to our Bastille hideaway where a sumptuous meal was conjured from the ingredients we bought at la Marche this morning. Perfect!


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