Jan and Ian

Art for art’s sake…


Back to the Metro this morning in search of a bit of culture and refinement. First stop the Orangerie and it’s wonderful series of Monet’s water lillies series, wonderfully displayed in oval rooms so you are completely surrounded by the scenes of Monsier Monet’s garden in assorted lights and times of day. It is one of Jan’s favourite places from her previous trips. We visited the real garden 10 years ago but the gallery was shut then so I finally caught up!
Next, a walk to the Louvre and we fluked a very short queue (plus our Paris Museum pass gets us priority entrance… Yay!) we wandered to the galleries we hadn’t seen previously and, of course, revisited Mona Lisa and her sea of admirers (no flash photos this time).
Finally a wander down the Champs Ellysee for some macaroons at Laduree and a military commemoration service at the Arch de Triumphe.
We Metro’d back home and dined at a local Michelin starred restaurant which was surprisingly cheap and had such huge portions that we were barely able to fit in the cheeses. Oh, the shame!


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