Jan and Ian

Brittany by Bicycle: Day 2~ Dinan > Combourg


We rattled down the steep cobbled lane-way bright and early and rejoined the River Rance to zig-zag our way the 59 km towards our next stop, Combourg. Again, the ride was a delight, full of birdsong, wildflowers, forest shade and easy riding. Cycling heaven!
We stopped at a the “Cafe of the Old Dog”, wafting a delicious curry aroma into the street of small village, and discovered the owner was English. Soon it seemed the whole village had arrived. Her widowed father was holding court, collecting kisses from the pretty French girls who wandered by and trying to decipher the tale a 90 year old woman was loudly telling everyone. Apparently she spoke high Breton, which virtually no one does any more, and she wasn’t getting much more than smiles and nods from everyone, including us. She seemed happy enough with that, luckily.
We left the river and rode quiet country roads with few cars and an occasional tractor, arriving at Combourg by early afternoon. It had been a great ride.
We stayed in private house, very comfortable and cheap. The owner was, sadly, very recently widowed. She made us at home and with our limited French and her even more limited English, we communicated reasonably well. After nearly two weeks here we are certainly improving our French.
We ate delicious galettes for a ridiculously cheap price and settled into a comfortable rest after a big day on the bikes.


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