Jan and Ian

Brittany by Bicycle: Day 3~ Combourg > Le Mont St. Michel


A cool start to the day had us riding into fog for the first hour or so but the quiet country roads were almost as easy as the dedicated bike paths had been yesterday. The countryside was a little different today, more rolling and with lots of farming activity going on… everything being pulled and delivered by trailers on tractors.

The roads were lined with thick greenery and stretches of forest shaded us when the sun finally emerged from the mist. I found out how thick the undergrowth along the road side was when stopped to take a photo, put my foot down and toppled into about half a metre of grass, deceptively posing as lawn. Jan is still laughing. A lot. Constantly…

We rolled into Ponterson by midday and met some Belgian cyclists who recommended staying at not-too-expensive Beauvois, rather than unbelievably-ridiculously-expensive Mont St. Michel. They also rode with us to the hidden bike path that allowed us to avoid the busy road to Le Mont; great help!

We found a hotel and, sans bags, we pedaled the 4 km along the causeway to the famed Mont St. Michel. The fame is justified and the throng of day trippers piling on and off buses is the understandable price you pay for such an amazing destination. An intact medieval town, walled for protection from enemies and surrounded by 10 metre tides which sweep in so quickly the local police get very agitated when they notice sightseers wandering nonchalantly on the beach when the tide turns. We saw the water move about 50 metres in minutes and bare beach become metres deep ocean in the time we took to eat our baguette sandwiches beside the cathedral.

It was a memorable and remarkable place. Our photos don’t do it justice A highlight for sure- worth a trip to France on it’s own.


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