Jan and Ian

Brittany by Bicycle: Day 5~ Cancale > St. Malo


Vowing to avoid seafood for a few days (too much of a good thing can do that), we rode out of Cancale and headed back towards St. Malo along the wonderfully quiet coastal road. The views of wide sandy beaches, craggy islets jutting out from the swirling waters and rocky coves alternated with forests and windswept coastal farms. Wonderful to ride!
When St. Malo came into view we turned from the road to the wide Corso running the length of the beach. Lined with hotels and restaurants it hinted at the summer crowds, but today’s cooler weather and biting wind seemed to only please the windsurfers, kite surfers and sand yachts.
We arrived at the old town from the opposite direction to 6 days ago and were soon at the door of the Hotel San Pedro where the bubbly owner met us, spoiled us and made a fuss of us before sending us 4 floors up in the smallest lift in France. Or the world, maybe!
Lunch was a quirky mix of Italian and French and the delightful waitress arrived with, “un presente pour vous”, 2 tiny eclairs du chocolat, just for me!
We wandered a little, rested a little, shopped a little (new shoes to replace my “disgusting” Sketchers) and finally went out to dine about 7 steps from the hotel, where we had a marvelous dinner to bring our mini tour of Brittany to a close!



  1. Hayley Thomas Inglis

    Oh … I think I might have to stop checking your blog! I’m getting too, too jealous, and I don’t think Jenny will be very happy if I run off in the middle of term and just before reports to try and catch you. But if there are little eclairs involved she may not have a lot of choice …ps. Did you get my emails?

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