Jan and Ian

50, 60, 70… 80!


Our first day of riding along the Loire Valley was a planned as a fairly straightforward 50 km from Orleans to Blois with a stop at Chambord, possibly the most impressive chateau in the Loire. And, according to plan, the riding was wonderful, the scenery delightful, the maps reliable and the chateau extraordinary… all towers, turrets and chimneys in a mismatched renaissance jumble, plus a novel double spiral staircase hypothetically designed by Leonardo da Vinci, suggesting he may have dabbled in DNA research along with his other, more well known, pursuits.
And that was as planned. Except, we had already travelled 60 km and Boise was still only a distant dream. We didn’t mind the riding; after our Brittany loop we were fighting fit, but even with the detour to Chambord we still thought we were up for, at most, 60 km. Perhaps those little loops back to capture photos added up to an extra km or two- but 20? There was that detour to look at Joan of Arc’s medieval bridge ruin. That was… 200 metres or so each way… Hmm, probably not that either.
Oh well, we made it… a little later than anticipated and still feeling strong, but 80 km… Perhaps we need to revise our maps a little more carefully. Or ask the locals if they know any shortcuts!



  1. Anonymous

    Wow you sound like you will need a bit of a rest after that leg….make sure you stay somewhere you can take a nice relaxing bath occasionally…keep those stories coming, I feel like I’m almost riding along with you (although I don’t have any sore bits!!) xxA

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