Jan and Ian



It has, evidently, been a project given considerable priority by the European community to provide and promote a high quality, continuous cycling path across the bredth of Europe. Our 400 kilometres along the Loire River marks the Western beginnings of this trail, EuroVelo 6, and the 1000 kilometre section along Danube we rode last year is also a part of this continent crossing trail. To the European Union we can only say, thank you! Today we completed our ride down the Loire Valley and what a joy it has been!
We bid farewell to our B&B in Saumur, although Gus, the playful puppy who had welcomed us two days ago wasn’t there to say goodbye, he was, “on a promenade” with Mr. B&B. We could imagine Gus, whose name in French sounds like ‘Goose’ promenading- all floppy ears and legs splayed in all directions at once, proudly “promenading” along the river. Jan thinks ‘Goose’ is a good name for him!
Our final Loire ride took us close to the river, with villages hugging the waterway on one side, hemmed in by the steep hillsides. The river was generally wider now as it approached the ocean and although we wouldn’t see it enter the Atlantic on this ride we could imagine it grandly approaching the sea beyond Nantes and spilling into the ocean.
Separate fields of wild flowers and Jan found a car she would like to own- although I suspect we would have trouble fitting the bikes in.
About half way the threatening sky finally sent down a shower of rain, our first of the ride. We donned our coats and rode on just as we realized that blue sky was reappearing and the rain had gone. As we were thinking of removing the coats again we passed an extraordinary semi-recumbent-tandem cycle ridden by a young English couple who were 2000 km into an open-ended trip across Europe to the Black Sea, around it and then onwards to, maybe, Russia, China, Asia and… even Australia. they had an amazing set up and were truly adventurous, especially compared to our relatively comfortable, try to find a good restaurant for dinner, kind of adventurous. We wish them great times, great success and safe travels!
We rolled into Angers and our little trip along the Loire was over. Tomorrow we head towards the Dordogne and the wedding!


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