Jan and Ian



Where ever we have travelled in France we have been blessed with friendly, cheerful and helpful folk who have gone out of their way to help us, give us directions, offer cheerful service and politely ignore our grammatically questionable French. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful. This morning we continued this happy experience in Anger, which despite it’s moody sounding name, proved to be as friendly as the previous overnight destinations had proven to be.
We toured the castle and saw the amazing tapestries depicting the Final Judgement and Apocalypse. Woven 700 years ago and over 100 metres long they are quite spectacular, if (understandably) a little faded. Apparently when viewed from the reverse side the original colours are still vivid and true.
Next we boarded a train, a little sadly, leaving the pretty Loire Valley behind. The train station staff were wonderfully helpful and ensured we had the most direct route and least expensive tickets, spending many minutes conferring with us as to our exact needs, again exceeding our expectations. We travelled via three separate trains and were given help with our awkward bags and bikes by fellow passengers at every change of train. Such friendliness and kindness!
Then we arrived in Limoges. Hmmm.
It has a lovely train station.
And the twilight sky was an extraordinarily beautiful deep blue…


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