Jan and Ian

Home cooking.


Although Limoges isn’t exactly our favourite place in France we did manage to find a lovely square this morning. With lots of little eateries and twisting cobbled streets it was a bit friendlier than anything we discovered last night. Our train didn’t leave until 2:00 so we had time for mussels and frites for lunch before we headed back to the station.
Our train turned out to be exactly one carriage long and was such a casual enterprise that we were able to stand behind the driver and check the view of the rolling hills from the his window.
We arrived at St. Yrieix, which turned out to be a lovely village, but couldn’t get a room in town. The tourist info girls were wonderfully helpful and managed to get us a B&B, with dinner, only 3 km out of town. We set off, discovering that the pretty rolling hills were in fact mountainous peaks and valleys and that the three km was closer to seven. Rather exhausted, we arrived at the farm house. It turned out to be worth the effort. The host was a retired Paris chef who had retired to a tree change lifestyle. Dinner was delightful home grown produce and fresh flavours. Our hosts joined us for after dinner wine and conversation, which despite their lack of English, continued happily for an hour and a half and covered topics as diverse as the war, cows, grandchildren, fruit eating birds and the local wild deer population. A great evening, well worth the sweat and aching legs!


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