Jan and Ian

The day after…


All had gone according to plan. Mel and Chris are officially married, the reception partied on ’til 2 or 3 am (for some) and the day after dawned with not too many sore heads or bloodshot eyes, in fact, everyone pulled up remarkably well- but Sunday was definitely a day of rest!
The furthest Jan and I wandered from the chateau was to the “shed” to wash our bikes ready for the return to Paris on Tuesday. Others lazed by the pool or walked in the gardens a few wandered into the village, but nearly everyone managed to mostly relax.
For us it was a choice of fresh cherries picked from the abundant supply on the nearby tree, a quiet cuppa on the terrace, some left over desserts from the reception or something from the special treat for the day… Our wonderful hosts had arranged a long lunch… From 12 to 6 we had unlimited access to the crepe and trout vans which magically appeared on the terrace. Amazing galettes (see “Cool things about France #5) and crepes cooked in seconds from a wonderful couple from Brittany and fresh local trout cooked on a charcoal grill with a simple sauce of cream, butter and pepper. Needless to say you can eat a lot of trays like these in 6 hours. And we did.

Actually, we have eaten wonderfully for our entire stay at the chateau. Each morning at 7 the local baker has delivered 15 baguettes and an assortment of croissants and pastries for breakfast. Lunch is our own arrangement, either in the village or by scrounging leftovers, which always seem to be around from the previous evening when we have had theme meals provided by Mel & Chris or their parents. Amazing cheeses seem to appear at regular intervals and the seemingly endless flow of wines has let us sample France’s best- un…be…liev…able! To our hosts, thank you, thank you, thank you!
As evening fell and folk retired to their rooms a few of us held fort at the terrace, trying valiantly to ensure that no food or wine went to waste. A cantankerous keg of 1664 beer caused great hilarity by dispensing only froth, or nothing at all, and well after midnight a massed dancing performance (Jan and myself included!) of Beyonce’s “All the single girls” had the early-to-bed brigade holding pillows over their heads or threatening to throw all of their room’s antique furniture at us from their overlooking windows.
Just a quiet, peaceful Sunday, really.


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