Jan and Ian



Our final 24 hours in Paris, and France, and of our wonderful little adventure. A simple day, spent exploring the big shops around Opera (we hadn’t really ever shopped on our trips before, so it was a novelty!) the amazing Art Nouveau domes of Galleries Lafayette and Printemps Have got to be seen to be believed. All polished up and awash with natural light they are dazzling. Lafayette’s dome is central to the store but Printemps can only be appreciated by lunching in the restaurant below. So we did. And it was great!
Also great was the Paris Opera Apple Store. This little blog has been created on our iPhones and iPad since the start and I’ve worked with Apple computers for 30 years, so visiting my first official Apple Store was a bit of a treat- I even got to Skype home on their free wi-fi (or wee fee, as they call it here!)
Back to our little Velo Hotel for a quick refresh and out to dinner- our final treat to finish the trip and an early 20th wedding anniversary celebration at Bofinger, one of Paris’ oldest and best known restaurants (we were clever enough to book 3 weeks ago!)

Tomorrow we cycle to Gare de Nord, catch the Metro to Charles De Gaulle airport and start the 22 hour flight to Qatar and home. We reach Melbourne about 10 Friday night and, hopefully, Geelong an hour or two after that… we’ll see you soon!



  1. Anonymous

    Amazing..amazing..amazing!!! Where to next?? The grand finale must be to cycle back to Geelong…that would top it off for sure!! Hee hee (Steve is in hospital at moment…just had a catheter ablation (for heart atrial fibrillation…feeling sore and very tired :(…no cycling for him for a little while!!) Catch up soon I hope xxxAnne 🙂

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