Jan and Ian

Hello, we’re back…


A new adventure begins… and this time we have traveling companions. Meg and Charles are aboard for a school holiday trip to Sydney.
An early (3:30 am) start from home and a 6:00 am flight meant four tired arrivals but Jan’s cousin, David, generously picked us up and welcomed us for home-cooked pancakes. I was able to return some of the kindness with a delivery of Geelong Premiership souvenirs to Cats fanatic in Sydney exile, Veronica.
David even drove us to the hotel and by lunch time we were settled in to our room and ready to start exploring.
After a bus ride to Circular Quay we headed off on the Taronga ferry to the zoo. The Sky Safari gondola ride high above the animals gave us lots of glimpses of the animals and the next few hours were spent exploring the enclosures and enjoying the wonderful views.
By closing time we were ready to sleep, but we made sure we were freshened up back at the hotel with a swim in the pool for the kids and then a twilight walk along George Street to Chinatown for dinner.
By the time we arrived back at the hotel we had been awake for over 19 hours and we all needed a good sleep!


One comment

  1. hayley

    What a nice surprise it was for your post to pop up in my rss feed! Hopefully you have all rested up and are enjoying your adventures today 🙂

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