Jan and Ian



I haven’t had a real chance to add any comedy’s to this blog since we arrived in New York due to a tater hectic schedule and a very dodgy Internet connection at our apartment but now that we have started our travels through north eastern US and south eastern Canada things have slowed down a bit pace-wise and speeded up a lot knternet-wise! So, here is a quick summary of the journey until now… Rise at 4:30, get to the Gull bus and then to Tullamarine, fourteen and a half hours Melbourne to LA, ninety minutes to clear customs, collect bags, find a new departure lounge, board a new aircraft, fly a further four and a half hours, taxi to West 56th street, find our apartment (nestled between the two offices of a psychic’s shop front), meet our host’s representative, pay the deposit, deposit bags, head out into the surprisingly familiar streets, find somewhere interesting for dinner (Guantanamera, a funky Cuban place with LOUD live music!) and, finally, settle in to our first real sleep in about 31 hours. Not a bad first step! Our first sight of the Manhattan skyline, silhouetted against the darkening twilight sky from our taxi, was quintessentially New York. A shape so familiar to us through TV, movies and the news that it was hard to believe we were really seeing it for the first time. It certainly didn’t disappoint- although the speeding taxi rendered all attempts to snap the perfect NewYork skyline photo a total failure! Our next day had us on foot, walking the two blocks north to Central Park and giving it a good going over. We must have walked 20 Km’s in, around and about the Central Park area, chatting to a fascinating cross section of New Yorkers along the way who, we must add, were friendly, helpful and totally unlike the brash stereotype you usually associate with New Yorkers. And the city itself was equally enlightening, everywhere we went was something famously familiar and some wonderful things refreshingly new. I can understand why you see so many I <3>t imagine the quivering joy they had at seeing just how thin the new iMac is or how a new iPad mini can rally the troops in the Genius Bar! By now Jan and I were feeling like experienced New Yorkers, negotiating taxis, crowds, frantic traffic, the mysteries and responsibilities of tipping, crazy people, beautiful people, amazing people… and just when it all starts to make sense, we are about to leave on stage two of this North American adventure… a pilgrimage, of sorts, in search of Bruce Springsteen and The Promised Land!


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  1. Nancy

    Great to hear all the ‘Big Apple’ detail. Just want to go myself. Have been within 100kms. Thinking of you having a great time. Enjoy Canada.

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