Jan and Ian

The road to Washington…


From Asbury Park to Washington is about 300 km, and another world, away. After a morning coffee from our special spot inside the Paramount Theatre building (see iansday.posterous.com) we headed to the unofficial starting point for the trip: the corner of 10th Avenue and E Street- the perfect place to begin a journey through New Jersey!
It had been about 11 years since I’d driven a left hand drive car (bikes-yes, cars-no!) but luckily it all came back fairly quickly – although turning left or right often resulted in the wipers operating, not the indicators!
The highway driving was smooth and scenic- we avoided the freeways and toll roads, figuring they robbed you of the scenery and people’s real lives, as viewed from behind the wheel. Everything was going well until we missed a roundabout exit and found the GPS “recalculating” us straight to the toll road… but my irritation was short lived: we were on The New Jersey Turnpike! Another Springsteen link-in (unintentionally, honest Jan!) achieved.
The countryside became more rural after we finally re-found our intended route (or rout, as the GPS preferred) and we passed corn fields, grazing land and farmhouse stalls into Maryland.
Lunch places were hard to find if you didn’t want “fries and cheese with that” but we dropped in at a diner and managed to eat as few calories as we could persuade the waitress to sell us.
With about an hour left on our hire car we happily rolled into Washington, easily discovered our very pleasant neighbourhood, quickly found our B’n’B’s gorgeous location to drop of our bags, and… got completely lost in the one-way streets, finally getting it back with a few minutes to spare… lots of fun, with a happy ending!


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