Jan and Ian



Back on the road today, heading out of Washington DC across Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and into Pennsylvania to Gettysburg, the site remembered for a pivotal battle in America’s Civil War and for Abraham Lincoln’s famous, “Four score and seven years ago…” speech. A very pretty town, totally ringed by battle sites and cutesy accommodation everywhere. Our BnB is in the oldest building in town, about 200 years old. The cemetery is right over the road and we found where Abe made his speech, marked by a monument, of course. Like Arlington in Washington Gettysburg Cemetery is tragic and noble, sad and celebratory all at once. Most of the graves are of unknown soldiers from both sided, marked by numbers or a simple, “Unknown Soldier” inscription. We were hoping to explore a little further but nature has intervened…Hurricane Sandy is approaching and it looks like tomorrow would be a good time to be somewhere else- the rain is already falling!



  1. Nancy Jones

    Hope you have good shelter from Hurricane Sandy. The reports here are making us frightened. Looks as though it is covering a huge area! Reports of snow 2inches an hr in Maryland. 2ft in a day! Lets know your plans. Love reading your blogs. Nan and David.

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