Jan and Ian



When a hurricane is at your heels you tend to react in one of two ways: take cover or get away… we had just enough time for getting out, especially as our nice host at Gettysburg said her cellar was about to flood and it would all be downhill from there! The worst of the storm wasn’t due for a few hours, the highways were still open and the forecast for towns further north and west was a little kinder, so we skipped our few days in low lying Lancaster and headed straight to our Thursday destination, State College, Pennsylvania. The drive was wet, grey and a little threatening; a combination of unfamiliar factors, i.e. crazy weather, right side driving, unfamiliar roads… not too much joy there, but luckily we arrived safely by mid afternoon, relieved that things didn’t seem any worse in State College than they can get at home when we get a wild winter storm. We had one more problem, dropping off our hire car at the airport, which was shutting down any minute. We got there just in time and, incredibly, got the absolute last taxi running in town back to the hotel, which by now was springing leaks throughout the restaurant and bar and, from the constantly flickering light globes, was trying to decide if it wanted to have electricity for the night or not. A little disconcertingly the manager gave us a couple of glowsticks and told us not to use the lifts, “for when the power goes off…” Happily, it didn’t! Today has been cold, but the winds never hit here and the rain seems to have cleared. Others haven’t been so lucky…



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