Jan and Ian

State College…


So, here we are in State College, Pennsylvania (Americans NEVER say their home town’s name without adding the state!) and what a pleasant surprise it is! Originally we were stopping for Thursday night only for the Springsteen concert, but having found ourselves with four days to fill in we worried that we wouldn’t be able to find enough to do- wrong!
State College is a great town, about 45,000 population, mostly college students and University staff. There are lots of cafes, bars and take away food shops, of course, plus about a dozen shops selling student gear, which mostly seems to be sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring the college football team, The Nittany Lions ( see: iansday.posterous.com/nittany-lions).
The University, Penn State, is very prestigious and dates back over 150 years. The campus is right in the town and is sprawling and beautifully landscaped.
Here are a few views of our surprise find!



  1. Nancy Jones

    The University towns on the East Coast are great. Another gorgeous one is Williamstown Mass. Coffee must have been a great find!

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