Jan and Ian

The Boardwalk…


It’s kind of eerie that a week ago we were walking along the boardwalk in Asbury Park and just a few days later the small town was smashed by Hurricane Sandy. Apparently the boardwalk took a big hit and sections of it don’t exist any more, a couple of food stalls were ripped from their foundations and flung into the next street and the shell of the old casino had walls ripped away. That, plus water damage everywhere, half the beach now in the shops and streets nearby and power out for days… really sad, especially for a spot that was just crawling out of years of decline.
When I wrote about my love of Bruce Springsteen’s music last week I was actually right there, on the boardwalk, with the words flowing without effort due to the almost mystical presence and mythology of the place. I hope it recovers quickly, it is too wonderful to lose.


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