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I’d dreamed for years of seeing Bruce perform in the States, where the audiences have built a relationship with his music over as many years as I have, and having watched DVDs and YouTube clips of US shows there always seemed to be a special bond and energy. I wasn’t disappointed- it was a dream show for me!
After the dramas of the last week, tonight’s show was destined to be an emotional one for Bruce and The E Street Band- Bruce even described them all as, “really just a Jersey Shore bar band that somehow made good!”
There were many references to to damage along the New Jersey shore they all came from as well as to those affected, the emergency services people and to, “the ghosts who walk with us” in our lives. Bruce himself said he was sad…
But from sad beginnings things grew to a joyous finale, over three hours of magic for me as time and time again songs from my Springsteen concert wish-list appeared: 4th July Asbury Park (Sandy) -especially poignant, of course… and hauntingly coincidental that the heroine of the song shared her name with last week’s storm, Jersey Girl, Because the Night, Rosalita(!!!!) and, completely out of nowhere a special first time ever performance of Shout! Unbelievable!
Too many highlights and too wonderful to capture in words…

*First timers at a Bruce Springsteen concert often ask why everyone is booing the star attraction… Don’t worry they are just under the spell of Bruuuuuce!


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  1. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness! That was absolutely amazing!!! We are sooooo jealous right now. Ian, you must have been so overwhelmed. What an incredible, unique experience…. Thank you for sharing it with us…. Matt and I are heading off to our day tapping our feet…. Hey hey, hey hey! A little bit louder NOW! 😀

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