Jan and Ian

From the ridiculous to the sublime…


A travel day today: Quebec City, Canada to Burlington, Vermont, U. S. A. Our Internet is poor so I’ll save our last Quebec post and the tale of today for another day, however one highlight has to be noted!
Leaving Canada I realised I hadn’t tried one of Canada’s greatest (?) contributions to culinary excellence: poutine. : a Quebec invention combining chips, gravy and squeaky cheese curds in a bowl. I had to stop at a Canadian roadside diner (the quintessential place to eat poutine!) before we crossed the border- which we duly did, or at least I did: Jan reasoned that she could survive better without trying it than I was liable to if I did…
So, long story short: I ate poutine. And that isn’t the highlight I mentioned earlier!
In Burlington we discovered Sweetwaters, a terrific restaurant where we ate the best food we have had so far on the US, an amazing tuna, peanut noodle and Thai cucumber salad for me and tomato topped salmon with polenta chips for Jan (take that, Poutine!)
If only we could take them home…


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