Jan and Ian



Travelling means hotels; a new one every day or two. I don’t mention them much here because they sort of blur in to each other a bit and aren’t all that exciting to write or read about. That doesn’t mean they aren’t memorable to us, of course. Some of them will stand out in our memories forever for one reason or another, perhaps the location or the staff, the design or perhaps the relief of actually getting a hotel at all when things were looking grim. We absolutely adore many of our sleepover discoveries!
But some stand out for just being weird, quirky or crazy. Auberge Gladstone in Plymouth is kind of nice; run by a fascinating couple and in an historic building about 200 years old. (It is in the background of the crowd photo- really nice!)
We even have the whole church car park for our car at night and a view across town to the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock.
It also has our craziest bathroom since we stayed in Rouen, France 11 years ago and had to get to the bathroom via a hallway, up two flights of a really narrow twisty staircase, along a dark, dark passage and then up a few more stairs.
Gladstone’s bathroom is a lot closer, just beside our kitchen (we have the three room suite for the cost of a normal room because… well actually I’m not sure how we got it but Jan talked them into it somehow!)
Yes, quite close- but through a 30 cm doorway and metre long passage. You have to turn sideways to fit and sort of shuffle to get through… amazing and, uh huh, memorable!


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