Jan and Ian

No, I do not want cheese with that…

I like cheese. A lot. It is one of the truly great foods, with an amazing variety of types, tastes, textures and uses. Some countries are really good at cheese, like France and Italy. Australia is good at cheese too… we have great cheese! But some countries aren’t so good at cheese. China springs to mind… can’t think of any memorable cheese I found there. Actually think of any cheese there at all! Sadly, America isn’t so good at cheese either. And they try so hard too- you can’t order ANYTHING in the US without being asked if you want cheese on it, or in it, or under it… or even instead of it. And you get asked even when cheese is the LAST thing you would want with your chosen food… because the cheese here is pale, rubbery, tasteless and totally out of control! If it were good cheese you might be able to find one to go with salmon or chowder, pancakes, or peanut butter, Chinese takeaway or cereal, ice cream or… OK, maybe not. But the point is… Either get some better cheese America or stop putting lumps the size of eggs inside steaks and layers as thick as phone books smothered, scattered and shredded on pretty much everything else. Please!


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