Jan and Ian

Brassed off…

After the excitement of the Thanksgiving parade we also discovered there was to be a big concert featuring the drum and bugle corps marching bands in the theatre opposite our hotel. We didn’t have tickets but thought we night be able to sneak into the foyer for a couple of minutes to see why a parade watcher we had spoken to had said, “You gotta go, the music’s right there, in your face!”
So, after dinner, we wandered up the street past the back of the theatre where groups of brightly clad middle-agers were puffing ominously as they lugged their instruments and themselves from the bus and up the short hill into the theatre. Added to our concerns were the number of players smoking as they wheezed- surely if you play a trumpet you need to be able to breathe!
Anyway, the concert was more than half over and we thought we might hear a song or two before our curiosity petered out, or we were thrown out…
We edged close to the open theatre doors and had a great view of the flourishing finale to one bands performance. Lots of people were standing at the back and we sort of blended in. The music was indeed, “in your face” and the performances by musicians and conductor alike were enthusiastic and slightly hilarious to the uninitiated, ie, us!
We decided we had to see more and edged a little further in, then a little further… and finally grabbed empty seats, our fellow concert goers not even noticing our late arrival- they probably thought we had been waiting for the big act of the night, in their 18th appearance, a multicultural ensemble from Canada, the US and Japan, dressed in ‘3 Amigos” costumes and lead by a conductor in a sleeveless dinner suit… Really!
Well, you know what they say… Only in America!



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