Jan and Ian

Thanksgiving day Parade #1: Plymouth

We would love to pretend that our arrival in Plymouth on the very weekend they were hosting their famous Thanksgiving Day parade was meticulously planned and perfectly executed… but we can’t. It was total fluke! We had no idea we would even be staying in Plymouth until the day before and we were only planning on a one night stopover.
Then two things happened: 1/ We liked Plymouth and 2/ Our nice hotel hosts assumed we were deliberately there for the parade and started telling us about how much we were going to love it… so what choice did we have?
As if $9.99 lobster dinners weren’t motivation enough to like Plymouth, how could we not stay three nights and take in America’s 2nd biggest Thanksgiving Day parade? (And the biggest? Stay tuned!)
We are glad we stayed- we had a ball! The parade itself was about an hour and a quarter long and pretty much summarised America’s history, moving from the Pilgrims right through to space shuttles (which somehow managed to appear before steam trains, for some reason) and commemoration of U. S. armed forces and their sacrifices through the generations.
The actual parade must have stretched for over a kilometre and there were bands every hundred metres or so, including Scottish pipes and drums, the police and military, fifes and drums for the colonists and revolutionaries and the kind of marching bands you see on movies about college football teams (except the average age of the musicians was a little higher than college age!!More to follow on that too!)
After the musket firing, pirate antics, giant turkeys, mini sailing ships, talking coast guard mascot, assorted iconic figures from history and good old Saint Nick himself (best Santa I’ve ever seen- real belly and whiskers!) I’ve got to say it was probably the most fun filled parade I’ve ever seen- oh, and did I mention our hosts estimated a crowd in the hundred thousands!
Plus the afternoon was all about food, music and fun down near Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower replica. Perfectly planned, wasn’t it!?


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