Jan and Ian

The Green Way…


After a few weeks of colder and colder travel our arrival back in New York has been blessed with bright, clear days warm enough to strip off a couple of the layers we had relied upon in the near freezing weather up north. Too good an opportunity to let slip, so off to the 9th Avenue bike shop and away bright and early on the bike path along the Hudson River: The Greenway.
After learning to jaywalk, hail taxis and weave through pedestrian crowds as well as any native New Yorker it was a real treat to be zipping along the path leaving traffic and traffic jams behind. The brave souls who face New York streets on their bikes everyday have the right idea; New York is a perfect city for bikes- apart from the ever present, insistent traffic. Perhaps one day a few more lanes will be bike only and a few thousand cars will disappear and be replaced by cyclists arriving at their offices in half the time… time will tell!
Until then, here is our day through the upper and lower west side, north to the Great Grey Washington Bridge and the Little Red Lighthouse famous from a 1940’s children’s book, south to the meatpacking area and the Highline (no bikes, but tie them up and climb the stairs on to the converted train tracks and enjoy some of the best urban renewal and views in New York!)
Finally, board the ferry to Staten Island, leave the bikes in the provided racks and enjoy the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline views for free. A memorable day!


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