Jan and Ian

Thanksgiving Day #3…


So, what do you do to finish off a big American celebration? Go to the football!
Tickets to NFL games are hard to come by despite the two New York teams, The Giants & The Jets, playing in nearby new Jersey’s 85,000 capacity Meadowlands. The cheapest tickets start at about $100 each but unused tickets can be sold by season ticket holders, and that’s how we scored 2 seats to the Jets verses New England Patriots game. We were about as high as you can get in the stadium but for half price you don’t complain- especially when the lower level seats go for over $1000 per game. Seriously! Ouch!!
The game was filled with all of the ceremony and hype you would expect on a national holiday and was great entertainment. There were fireworks, a giant flag, cheer leaders and even Lenny Kravitz performing at half time.
As with the hockey game (janandian.posterous.com/hockey) they somehow manage to stretch 60 minutes of playing time in to three and a half hours of game time. And with the Jets being completely outplayed from early on, even the crowd stopped being fun to watch pretty quickly- although Jan got about half an hour’s laugh from the frustrated fan behind us when they replayed a Jets “highlight” from the game and he screamed in exasperation, “They just showed a highlight that wasn’t even a highlight!” It was funny at the time. There were a lot of expletives in that short sentence. A lot.

Considering how much everyone paid for their tickets it was astounding that by the last quarter the stadium was half empty- they just left! When the Patriots extended the lead to 30 points with 8 minutes to go there were so few there that we decided to head down to level 1 for a peek and we eventually saw the last 5 minutes of play (ie the last 30 minutes of the game) from the $1400 seats. The Jets even scored again… too bad there was nobody there to see it!


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