Jan and Ian

A thank you…


Well, that wraps up this chapter in our tales of travel and discovery. Jan and I are fortunate to have been able to explore many parts of the world together and whilst this blog has only existed as a way of documenting some aspects of our experiences for the last three years we have been amazed that each post usually gathers hundreds of views. Some of the readers we know, of course; family and friends curious to see what we are up to. But that leaves dozens, if not hundreds, of readers we don’t know. Perhaps these readers have stumbled into the blog via a Google search for something which crosses over into our topics or perhaps travellers researching their own adventures seek out the experiences of fellow tourers to plan their trips. Whatever way folk discover our blog and regardless of whether you might quickly browse one entry or systematically follow our whole adventure, thank you for giving us an audience!
We return to our regular lives for a whole again and the daily entries will stop. Perhaps occasional posts might pop up from time to time and there will, no doubt be a new trip some time in the future… we have to explore a lot more of our own backyard, you know, so perhaps a bit more of Australia will be next. Then again, our bicycles may get another run through some part of Europe… oh, and neither of us have been to South America yet…
Whatever the next chapter may be thanks for coming along to share the ride. You are most welcome to join us again next time!


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