Jan and Ian



Day two of our short stop over in LA dawned with overnight rain clearing to occasional drizzle. So unexpected was the rain that a taxi driver the day before had bemoaned, It’ll be crazy, Californians see so little rain that they have no idea how to drive when it does!” Luckily we had no intention of spending much time on the roads and planned instead to hire bikes and ride the cycle path to Santa Monica beach. The precious day had introduced us to the sleazy/tacky/glitzy/wealthy melange that is LA. The hustlers and tacky souvenir shops in Hollywood Boulevard, the palaces of Beverly Hills, the amazing architecture of the Walt Disney Theatre, Sunset Boulevard’s tawdry end morphing into a billionaire’s shopping mall at Rodeo Drive… all exactly what we had expected: curiously entertaining but, really, a disappointment. But Venice Beach? Well, that’s where we were staying so we already knew it was inhabited by its fair share of “characters” but it also felt more like home in Australia than any other part of the US that we had visited. Oh, and we had discovered some of the best food and most amazing coffee of our whole trip a two minute walk from our house.
So, by bike from Venice and its famous beach, to Santa Monica, by foot around the canals which gave Venice its name in the first place and on to funky Abbott Kinney Street. This was going to be a fascinating day!


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