Jan and Ian

Pig iron, plains and perfect endings…

Today’s journey involved a detour to visit Whyalla and Iron Knob, synonymous with iron production for decades. We met an ex-employee of the Whyella smelter who happily explained his old job and the history of the smelter and mines.

We watched a train unload iron pellets ready for processing and saw the barges transport the finished item ten kilometres over the shallow waters to the mammoth ships waiting to take the iron to China. Apparently they are about to construct a ten km long jetty and the barges will be no more…

There isn’t much happening at Iron Knob, with only low grade ore being mined these days but the mountain which gives the town it’s name is there in all its stripped back majesty.

The terrain changed again today, lots of immense pastures and even some green tinges hinting at the Eyre Peninsula being the last fertile region before the Nullarbor commences for real tomorrow.

About 10 minutes after we had set up evening camp in Ceduna we were wandering along the waterfront and out on to the jetty to thrill to a spectacular sunset. The locals barely seemed to notice… I guess it must happen all the time here!












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