Jan and Ian

Cow Town

Cowaramup. Ever heard of it? I certainly hadn’t, but today the little town in the centre of the Margaret River wine region appeared to us out of the gathering rain clouds and our first impression was… cows! Boy, does Cowaramup have a penchant for cows!
Not only is Cowaramup surrounded by dairy farms, cheese makers and contented friesians but throughout town the cow theme reigns supreme. Life size models of dairy cattle and calves are scattered through the streets and the park and nearly every business has jumped on the bovine bandwagon with names like Cowie Cuts, Fruity Cow and Mu-kau.
Kitsch? Yes, of course. Quirky? Yep… but I always like quirky! And, of course, I grew up on a dairy farm, so may Cowaramup milk it for all its worth! Moo!20130507-235051.jpg20130507-235121.jpg20130507-235200.jpg20130507-235211.jpg20130507-235226.jpg20130507-235238.jpg20130507-235256.jpg20130507-235309.jpg20130507-235323.jpg20130507-235336.jpg20130507-235356.jpg20130507-235423.jpg



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