Jan and Ian

The 5th Best Beach In Australia.

When more than one chatty resident says you have to see a certain local scenic highlight its probably a good idea to heed their advice and check it out. When that particular local scenic highlight has also been rated as the 5th most beautiful beach in Australia you even make the journey on a cold rainy day, despite beautiful beaches generally being at their best in more idyllic weather…

Not to worry though, especially when tomorrow you are heading 500 km away from the particular beautiful beach, so off we ventured to the aptly named “Little Beach”.

We needn’t have worried that the inclement weather would dull this magical spot’s appeal. It was shimmeringly beautiful!

Whatever publication decided that Little Beach trailed four other Aussie stretches of sand and sea is entitled to their highly researched opinion, I’m sure, but on a decidedly non-beach day the only two ways I can think of that Little Beach could be improved would be to move it closer to my house and let me keep it as my own little secret!




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