Jan and Ian

Dog Rock

One of Albany’s best known attractions is granite outcrop jutting from the ground just outside the main part of town. It is called Dog Rock and, sure enough, it really does look uncannily like a pup just woken by the nearby traffic. Someone has even painted a collar design at the base of the rock. Cute!

It isn’t often rocks that are supposed to look like something actually do look much like it (although the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains do bear a passing resemblance to the Kardashians…) so well dome Albany for having a good example!

But, you know, I can’t help but think that an opportunity has been lost here! Didn’t anyone think to look at the other side of Dog Rock? There it is, Dolphin Rock! TWO attractions in one Albany! Get on to it… start marketing the cute fluffy toys and fridge magnets now!



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