Jan and Ian


Albany + 500 kilometres = Esperance! The last seizable town in Western Australia before the Nullarbor begins again and our last stop before the big drive back east!

To be honest, our first impressions weren’t so great. After the small-city punching above its weight vibe of Albany, the slumbering and faded feel of Esperance was disappointing. We expected a buzzy little coastal haven, but with the busy season over things had well and truly slowed down… pretty much to a halt! Lots of closed doors which were probably invitingly open a couple of weeks ago.

Not to worry, all the better to break out the bikes for an uncrowded ride along the coast. And that is when the penny dropped! These were attractions that brings you here… this sapphire water, these stunning vistas and that shimmering light. Such a beautiful string of beaches, reminiscent of the Great Ocean Road but with granite instead of sandstone and with solid islets offshore, not crumbling stacks and arches. Pure delight!

Throughout or time in W.A. we have constantly been comparing this south-western corner to our home state, Victoria. The two regions are roughly the same size and both are packed with diversity, beauty, abundance and blessings too numerous to list. Very special places. We may remain loyal to our beloved home state but we really couldn’t begrudge anyone feeling the same here.

As bookends to a continent they are both very special places. We are very pleased we made our trek of discovery!














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