Jan and Ian

A journey’s end, a journey’s beginning…

Here it is, then. Our homeward bound leg! From Robe to the Coonawarra for Jan and Ali to sample a few more delights, across to Mt. Gambier in vain hope of a blue Blue Lake (the photo lies… I boosted the saturation!) along to Port Fairy and then the drive eastwards as the day ended and we rolled towards darkness and home.

Home. Safely home, most importantly.

Yes, our last day on the road; one for reflection. By the end of the day our brand of three had travelled 7000 kilometres together across three states and one territory. We had visited some of Australia’s most iconic locations… Uluru, The Red Centre, Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, The Barossa and Coonawarra- quite a list!

And on the way we had learned a little more about our home (and second home) and had learned a little more about ourselves. And that’s just the way it should be.

I’ve learned that the cliche is true: travel is not about the destination, it is about the journey. The journey you take across the lands you visit is actually a journey you take across the person you are. When your travelling challenges you and makes you re-think your understandings, beliefs and attitudes, it is a good journey.

This was a good journey.

Strangely the pretty photos and edited prose don’t actually reveal much of it. But we three who lived it will now have it with us on our next adventure, our next quest, our next partnership and in our next friendship. In fact we will take it with us on all of our future journeys… just the way we should.





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