Jan and Ian



The first rule of travel: “You will spend a lot of time waiting.”
Or, perhaps it is, “You will spend a lot of time queuing up”
(Actually, Rule #1 is probable something else altogether… or maybe there isn’t really a Rule #1 at all because no one has bothered to either think up a list or, if they have, assign them numbers)
There will be waiting and queuing when you deal with airports. And that about sums up Day #1 (Officially)
Waiting to check-in luggage, waiting at immigration, waiting at security, waiting for flight time, waiting to take-off (an hour delayed) and, finally, waiting to arrive!
But, it must be said, none of it was very painful at all! In fact everything went wonderfully well- smooth flying, sufficient space, adequate entertainment, edible food and a safe arrival. Not bad at all!
Plus: We got to disembark in Hong Kong and experience a taxi ride into town which was pretty much the opposite of our flight- cramped, bumpy and frenetic!

And so we are in Hong Kong… It must be time for dinner!










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